Power supplies can be as simple as a power strip, or as complicated as a backup battery with surge protection and line conditioning.

All of them typically allow multiple devices to be plugged in to a single outlet.


At its simplest, there is the power strip. This device takes a single plug and turns in into several. A step up from that is the surge protector. These devices have a fuse in them that blows in the event of a power surge, such as a lightning strike. This in turn protects your devices from the damaging effects of the surge. There are also devices called line conditioners, which "smooth out" the power available. Power in your home can vary quite significantly and these devices will help smooth out the ups and downs to help protect your devices. The biggest and most advanced power supply device is typically the backup battery. These devices have a battery built in that allows your devices to continue running for a certain amount of time after your power goes out. They also generally have the capability to notify you when they are running, so that you are aware that the power is out.

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